By Charles Braagaard

I have been using Astma drugs since the age of 7. I have been a smoker for 40 years. I took the decision to quit.
A few weeks after quitting I noticed that I was beginning to be out of breath. After a few months I could hardly talk without gasping for air. My medicine use had exploded and was not having the desired effect. I was concerned.
It was by chance I read an article about Buteyko. With apparently little to lose and a lot to gain I downloaded the APP and contacted Eduard about signing up for a start up course.
This has turned out to be a great decision. With Eduards guidance I was quickly reaping the benefits of this breathing technique. Easy steps with helpful advice insured that within a month my medicine use was back to an acceptable level and effective. I stopped gasping for air.
Through the winter months I continued my Buteyko breathing. Achieving quite a high level of breath control and good results. These include a reduction of blood pressure, better physical condition overall (I'm a gardener), lower pulse, better sleep and a general well being that I now enjoy. My astma is almost non existent now. I use my inhaler 1-2 a week!
After this experience I highly recommend the Advanced Buteyko Institute for those that have breathing issues. And a big thanks to Eduard for the help. Great stuff.

Charles Braagaard

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.