The Long-Term Membership Extention programs are ONLY available for existing students who have already done an equivalent program at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level.


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Long-Term Membership FAQ

When you join our long-term membership program, you may attend a certain number of live webinar group teaching sessions with a Buteyko instructor in the coming year. The number and learning content of the webinars depends on your chosen membership program: between once a year to every 3 months.

The long-term membership program provides long-term ongoing education with a practical focus. We may teach various subjects during the membership webinars, for example related to practical guidance in a particular exercise, general technical skills, achieving overall progress in the program, performing the exercises correctly, common mistakes, choosing an appropriate style and level of practice and proper understanding of the program goals and objectives.

The long-term membership program may be used as a supplement or alternative to our regular workshop, webinar and individual training programs. In these programs we systematically go through the Buteyko Breathing program step by step, from start to finish, using weekly meetings with specific homework assignments and a Buteyko instructor who tracks your progress.

No, but out of all our various programs, the long-term membership program probably matches your immediate preference most closely. In the membership program, the webinars are spread out over a longer period of time so you can wait and only use them when you feel you really need them.

Before starting an exercise program, it's normal not to have any questions or issues yet and feel you don't need any help whatsoever. But you may feel differently even 1 day after actually starting the program, when you may start to experience interesting effects of our sophisticated & strong approach. That's the time you may attend a membership webinar to help deal with whatever came up.

As part of our long-term membership program you will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold account with access to the exercises corresponding to the webinar content.

The membership webinars take 45 minutes.

We have 3 types of webinar: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

During a Bronze webinar, we will limit the content to the initial 6 beginner levels of the Bronze account.

During a Silver webinar, we limit content to those exercise levels which are unique to the Silver account and not part of the Bronze account.

During a Gold webinar, we will limit content to those advanced and varied exercise levels which are unique to the Gold account.

The membership webinars are otherwise flexible regarding their specific content. For the content of the webinar we'll also consider the type of questions asked by the participants to the webinar.

We may either do 45 mins of Q&A only, focusing on practical and technical aspects and long-term results of Buteyko Breathing. We may cover subjects such as: improving your technique or style, dealing with detox, choosing an appropriate exercise level, common mistakes, performing the exercises correctly, etc.

We may alternatively first guide the webinar participants through one specific Buteyko exercise variant, followed by a shorter period of Q&A, focusing on better understanding and improving the skills used in that particular exercise.

1: Firstly, to get good results, be digilent in your practice of the daily exercises. Do 3 to 5 Buteyko sessions per day (at any suitable level) to improve your breathing. Do 1 to 2 sessions per day to maintain your progress.

2: For most people, going up 1 level per day is recommended. But for some it may be better to take it slower and go up one level every 2 to 3 days.

3: If you feel your current level is going well and you're feeling confident and quite comfortable, you may be ready to proceed to the next level.

4: If you feel your current level is a bit too spicy or challenging, please go back down to a previous lower and easier level.

5: ALWAYS start EVERY Buteyko Breathing exercise in a very mild and soft way. The first easy breath-hold (EBH or CP) of your exercise session is not just a breathing test, it's also a warmup. Try to really feel the sensations of the body during this easy breath-hold and stop the breath-hold as soon as you are certain that you experienced a very mild, low-intensity neurological urge to breathe.

6: Avoid chasing the numbers. If you always keep one eye on the timer, you may find it harder to truly relax during a session. It's better to just do the actual exercise and not be caught up in the number-game of how well you are performing. Be diligent and build momentum in your practice, but don't make a big deal out of the daily natural variance in your scores. Whatever your score may be, that's just what it is. At the same time, there may be a good reason for why your scores went up or down during a particular session. It would be best to identify the specific causes so you can learn from them.

7: Use common sense. Buteyko Breathing is designed to improve your blood chemistry and cellular oxygen consumption, but different people react in different ways. If something feels off or wrong for you, don't hesitate to stop the Buteyko exercise halfway through or take a break from Buteyko for a few days. In this case especially we recommend to contact your doctor and perhaps sign up for one of our more structured programs with an instructor, as you may very likely need custom adjustment of the exercises. We recommend to always consult your doctor before engaging in Buteyko Breathing: the activities may be too strenuous or dangerous for some people (view our terms & conditions).

All long-term membership programs are 1-year subscriptions.

After the first year, you may switch to one of our long-term membership extention programs which feature less webinars and an accordingly lower price.

There is no specific homework for the group as a whole before or after the webinar. We will give practical exercise recommendations for specific persons attending the webinar.

We do strongly encourage you to develop a daily practice of Buteyko Breathing using the various exercises available to you. Perhaps doing the exercise levels that work best for you or that you enjoy most.

Webinars cannot be accumulated: once the allotted time to attend a webinar expires, that webinar is considered expired. For example, if you joined the Gold long-term membership program, you may attend 1 webinar every 3 months. If you didn't attend your webinar for use in either January, February or March, you cannot 'save' that webinar for use at a later date in perhaps April or May.

If you have more questions, do contact us.