The programs at ButeykoBreathing.com are taught by a flexible Core Team of Buteyko Instructors certified by the Advanced Buteyko Institute.

Drs. Eduard Reuvers Founder and Chief Instructor

Eduard is the chief instructor and founder of the Advanced Buteyko Institute and teaches Buteyko Breathing full-time since 2008. He originally started doing Buteyko for general health after hearing positive reports.

Drs. Eduard Reuvers

Korina Flint Buteyko Instructor

Korina lives in Utah, USA and became a Respiratory Therapist in 2004. Since the Advanced Buteyko method significantly improved her own health issues, she is excited to train others to improve their health by learning Buteyko Breathing.

Korina Flint

Nicolas Bauer Buteyko Instructor

Nicolas Bauer practices music therapy and teaches Buteyko in Germany. Nicolas is specialized in trauma treatment.

Nicolas Bauer