Our Intensive Program is a learning, motivational and support webinar program, where a small group of like-minded participants all commit do to at least 5 Buteyko Breathing sessions per day for a 2-week period. The program is led by a Senior Instructor.

The 2 core challenges of the program are:
(1) to do at least 5 sessions each day.
(2) to attend all 4 webinar meetings.

We aim to discover what each person can achieve in terms of breathing scores, health and fitness when we go all-in on Buteyko Breathing for 2 weeks and make it a top priority. We will also do some light fasting, keep to a wholesome diet and follow a moderate physical exercise program.

Upon successful completion of the challenge, there is a reward in the form of an extra extention of your Gold Membership and a bonus extention for achieving a perfect score. The true reward of course, is the higher level of breath training itself and the associated health and fitness benefits. There is also the satisfaction of knowing you followed through on a commitment to yourself and the group.

If you fail to do 5 sessions on any one day or miss a webinar meeting, you'll need to recommit. If you fail to do 5 sessions for 2 days in a row or miss more than 1 of the webinar meetings, you sadly automatically failed the program and will not be able to join the remaining webinar meetings (fail = out). If you failed the program, you may be able to join the next edition of the Intensive Program with a 50% discount (at our sole discretion).

* Use of the Buteyko Breathing app is an absolute requirement for each and every Buteyko session you do during the Intensive Program, for tracking and accountability purposes.

To qualify for the Intensive Program:

(1) You previously completed one of the following programs at or the Advanced Buteyko Institute:

  • Premium Course
  • Complete Course
  • Full Webinar (Initial Webinar Program + Upgrade)

(2) You use your same original user account.

229 USD

  • Requirement: previously completed the full program (using webinar or individual training)
  • Using progressive training system
  • 14 day duration
  • 4 online webinar sessions
  • Each webinar takes 45 to 60 mins
  • Join a small group in going all-in on Buteyko
  • Make a strong commitment to yourself and the group
  • Strong personal accountability element
  • Strong social motivational element
  • With Senior Buteyko instructor
  • All 53 levels in the app
  • Additional 1 year Gold membership at the start of the program
  • Extra 1 year Gold membership on successfull completion
  • Bonus 1 year Gold membership for achieving perfect score (doing 5 or more sessions every day for 14 days)