Learn Buteyko Breathing using online webinar conference calls with a Buteyko instructor.

75 USD 189 USD

  • Initial part of the complete program
  • Using progressive training system
  • 10 day duration
  • 4 online webinar sessions
  • Each webinar takes 45 to 60 mins
  • Group conference calls with Buteyko instructor
  • Overseen by senior Buteyko instructor
  • New homework exercises after each session
  • Learn traditional advanced skills
  • Initial 21 levels of the app
  • Silver account + 1 year validity
  • 3 hours audio instruction in app
  • Follow-up with Webinar Upgrade program

Frequently Asked Questions

In a Buteyko course you'll learn the Buteyko Breathing exercises and techniques to strengthen your breathing, fitness and health. Our Buteyko course features the progressive learning system used in the specialist Stalmatski Lineage of Buteyko Breathing, but we'll always start off using the simplified training system (in the lower levels). You'll learn progressively more advanced Buteyko Breathing exercises of both the soft and strong varieties.

In our programs you'll learn a wide variety of Buteyko exercises and techniques you may do while sitting, walking, or during physical exercise. We enhance the exercises with relaxation and focus, and we have special purpose levels, soft and strong levels, short and long sessions, etc. Our app contains 53 exercise levels which may be further customized using various settings. During the course or webinar, we will meet regularly and give you new homework exercises during each teaching session.

Our Buteyko course features the progressive learning system used in the specialist lineage of Buteyko Breathing. Part of the progressive system is that we practice both the strong and soft exercises, unlike other Buteyko lineages which teach only the soft exercises.

In the same way that a car needs brakes and an accelerator, Buteyko Breathing brings best results when we use both soft and strong exercises as the situation allows. For each client, we recommend the approach most suitable to their particular situation. We'll review their progress and offer tips and corrections to improve their technique. We'll experiment with the various levels and exercise types and styles and see which one brings best results.

While most other Buteyko organizations use the simplified training system, we use the progressive training system which is more sophisticated, powerful and effective. We have far more exercises and styles and a unique background and perspective.

If you have already done a Buteyko course with another organization, you will learn new and powerful practical skills in our programs. We also offer various upgrade programs that may be suitable for you. Learn about our upgrade programs.

The most helpful quality is one of consistent effort in doing the Buteyko exercises, while always applying common sense as well and adjusting the levels as required!

In general, progress comes gradually and not always exactly when we desire it. So best keep this in mind as well and have a patient attitude. Also do bring up any questions, doubts or issues that come up with your instructor.

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of our teaching style is that we teach a middle way which combines respiratory exertion with respiratory relaxation.

Compared with most other Buteyko courses, we have more practical content to teach. We teach more varied and advanced styles of the Buteyko exercises which are individually personalized.

Our programs contain 53 Buteyko exercise levels containing both seated and walking sessions, long and short sessions, soft and strong styles and beginner and advanced levels. We further customize the exercises for each client. Our clients go through the program in a customized way, optimized for their personal situation.

If you signed up to the individual course, we will reach out to you as soon as possible via email or message (always within 24 hours). We will then schedule the first teaching session as soon as possible, at a time suitable for you. The individual teaching sessions take about 30 minutes each.

If you signed up to the webinar, we will reach out to you to gather your preferred meeting times and when you'd be ready to start. When enough participants have signed up, we will contact each participant and finalize the dates and times of the webinar teaching sessions.

In the individual training courses, you'll have 1-on-1 personal teaching sessions with one of our Buteyko instructors. Since it's a personal and private class, the appointments are simpler to setup and easy to reschedule (if needed). The sessions are shorter and more to the point as well and you'll receive more personalized instruction and feedback, and receive answers to all your questions.

The webinar is only given online using conference calls with a Buteyko instructor leading the call. The webinar will only start when enough participants are ready to start, and we will do our best to keep the wait under 2 weeks. Since questions may come from any participant, we may not be able to answer all questions of every person, but you'll be able to learn from the questions by other participants as well.

Yes. All our courses, webinars, workshops and/or seminars are suitable for complete beginners and also for people who have prior experience with Buteyko or other breathing programs. We start the program from the easiest beginner levels and gradually move up to the most advanced levels.

Upon signup to the course you'll receive access to the course materials, which include spoken audio instructions, daily email tips and the Buteyko Course Manual.

The individual training courses are taught via 1-on-1 private online teaching sessions using (in order of preference) Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime. You will receive homework exercises to do before each teaching session. During the teaching session, we will go over how the exercises went, look into your sessions and charts, experience and practice history in detail, answer questions and suggest corrections, improvements and alternative techniques to try out. We end the teaching sessions with new homework exercises to do for the next teaching session.

The intro course includes just 2 teaching sessions and is similar to the first 2 teaching sessions of the complete and premium course, so upgrading to the complete or premium course is smooth and easy. Doing the intro course gives the participant a good idea of what the complete course looks like. The duration of the intro course is 1 week with both teaching sessions taking place in the same week, with 3 to 5 days between the teaching sessions.

The complete course includes 7 teaching sessions. The teaching sessions are with a personal Buteyko instructor, in person or via video call (or audio call if preferred). The duration of the complete course is flexible, approximately 6 to 8 weeks depending on what works best for the client.

The premium course includes 11 teaching sessions. In the premium course, some of the teaching sessions may be combined if preferred by the client, so they could have 1 long teaching session instead of 2 regular teaching sessions. The duration of the premium course is also more flexible, approximately 2 to 6 months depending on what works best for the client.

In general, the first two meetings of the complete course take place in the first week of the course. After that, we may have one meeting every week and later on perhaps one meeting every 2 or 3 weeks.

The courses are taught by selected experienced instructors of the Advanced Buteyko Institute.

If you have more questions, do contact us.


53 customizeable Buteyko levels.


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