By Carmel Moore

When my Health/Business coach Teya Skae suggested I would benefit from Buteyko breathing it took me 6 months to actually try it. As a busy mum and business owner I was constantly stressed, anxious and exhausted, struggling to find time and inclination to meditate but Buteyko has become a form of meditation to me with enormous benefits.

For the first couple of months I occasionally had days where I experienced some quite severe reactions but with Teya's guidance, I realised this was my body detoxing at every opportunity it had & I was able to work through them knowing there was light at the end of the tunnel.

I can now say I am less anxious, calmer and feel healthier than I have for many years, I have been told by many health practitioners over the last 25 years that kidney issues have contributed to severe Varicose veins and bags under my eyes, both these issues have improved since doing Buteyko without any other form of medication.

Carmel Moore
Owner of Animal Care

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