By Fiona Duff

I have now being doing this Buteyko breathing for 35 days and the difference it has made has been amazing. I have always coughed ever since childhood and various GP's over the years have labelled me asthmatic. However I was never happy with that label and eventually had a consultation in the local hospital and did all the breathing tests and was told that I was not asthmatic after being on the inhalers for approx 10 years. I came off them and while I did feel a lot better I was still coughing quite badly especially when stressed. After the Buteyko breathing I now no longer cough at night and at long last get a full night's sleep. I very rarely cough during the day and if I feel stressed at work I have permission to take 'time out' and do my meditation breathing. It works!

I also have a much better singing voice as I am not coughing and can sustain the notes a lot longer. I would recommend it to anyone. It was recommended to me by my GP. So thank you to Drs Eduard Reuvers for all his help.

Fiona Duff
Learning support teacher
Scotland, United Kingdom

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