By Charan Surdhar

I have had asthma as a child, but in my adult life more of an allergy induced asthma, as well as on exertion during exercise. I have been doing the Buteyko method with Eduard using the app for only two weeks yet, and the results are remarkable.

I no longer have allergy induced asthma or on exertion, and haven't used my inhaler for over a week! Also I have noticed other changes, such as my body feeling lighter, my skin feels more hydrated and I seem to be digesting my food quicker (didn't have an issue before but I notice a difference).

I know the results will only get better. This is truly remarkable and Eduard's guidance is extremely valuable while working on this using the app.

The Buteyko method has the potential to shift many chronic conditions and to me as a scientist, it makes so much logical sense why this works. It's definitely something every person needs to incorporate into their lives.

Charan Surdhar

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.