Buteyko Upgrade Programs

If you did a Buteyko Breathing course with another Buteyko organization in the past 2 years, you likely qualify for some of our Buteyko Upgrade programs, depending on which specific Buteyko course you completed.

In the current age, Buteyko Breathing is not a uniform practice run by a centralized organization. Like in yoga and martial arts, there are different Buteyko lineages which employ their own teaching styles with different types, modes and levels of practice.

At ButeykoBreathing.com we offer various Buteyko Upgrade programs which may also be done after doing programs with another organization. This will widen your experience, deepen your understanding and enhance your skills with additional exercises, practical techniques and advanced methods.

If you completed a program with another organization in the past 2 years, you will be able to enroll in our Workshop Upgrade and Complete Course Upgrade programs (skipping the Intro Workshop or Intro Course). We do require proof of recent participation in the other program.

If you want the best and smoothest experience in our program, we recommend to simply start our regular Intro Workshop, Intial Webinar Program or any Individual Training program. We'll then guide you through the beginner techniques and gradually go through our complete program, covering the basics in a gentle way before moving on to the more advanced levels. Starting from the beginning will act as a refresher and will help better prepare you for the more advanced levels.

Upgrade from within the Stalmatski Lineage

The distinguishing mark of the Stalmatski Lineage is the Progressive Training System. The other organization besides ourselves in the Stalmatski Lineage is the LearnButeyko.com organization.

Compared to LearnButeyko, we use similar foundational techniques and methods but we put a higher emphasis on relaxation and mental focus, which affects how we teach the basic techniques and the complete program. We also use a different approach to deal with detox, difficulties and complications. And we also use more and different exercise variants at varying levels of intensity to further customize the program to the student.

We regard participation in any of the LearnButeyko workshops or individual training programs as roughly equivalent to the content of our Initial Webinar Program. You may thus enroll in our Webinar Upgrade program provided you also book two short Initial Consultations, which we will use to make some adjustments to your practice (so you'll start from a similar point as the other Webinar Upgrade participants). A simpler and more standardized upgrade path to follow would be to signup for our Workshop Upgrade or Complete Course Upgrade programs.

Upgrade from the Ludmilla Lineage

There are numerous Buteyko organizations that use the Simplified Training System of the Ludmilla Lineage, for example: Buteyko.info, ButeykoClinic.com, ButeykoEducators.org, ButeykoBreathing.org, etc, etc.

We recognize participation in any Buteyko course worldwide using the style of the Ludmilla Lineage as a rough equivalent to our Intro Workshop and Intro Course programs, implementing the Simplified Training System.

Thus, if you attended any Buteyko course worldwide in the past 2 years, you most likely qualify for enrollment into our Workshop Upgrade, Complete Course Upgrade or Premium Course Upgrade programs where you will learn the Progressive Training System.

Please note that our Webinar Upgrade program starts at a too high level to match up well with programs taught in the Ludmilla Lineage. We recommmend to instead join the Initial Webinar Program first after which you will be well prepared to join the Webinar Upgrade program.

Choosing a Program

If you're not sure what lineage your previous Buteyko instructor belongs to, or if you would like some practical advice in selecting a program, please contact us using the form below or book an Initial Consulation.

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