By Eva La Roche

I'm so thrilled that Teya had pointed out that I was a mouth breather with a bad case of hyperventilating. She's been great with coaching me along the way giving detailed directions, explanations and answering any questions I'd have.

I've been doing this method for the past 122 days, and the improvements I've seen in my health are truly amazing. I'm breathing more calmly and slowly, sleeping better and with my mouth closed all night long only breathing through my nose, and I can feel at the level of my nervous system, there's a depth of calmness I hadn't experienced before. My sleep apnea is no longer an issue either.

Another area I've noticed it helps with is during exercise. It really helps my workouts go further than when I was a hyperventilating breather. I'm able to keep my mouth closed all the while I breathe only through my nose throughout my whole workout. This makes me feel more fantastically alive afterwards every time.

The best improvement so far is that I can speak without hyperventilating in a controlled manner while nose breathing. This helps immensely in my work as an officiant, where I have to speak for longer periods of time in front of guests.

If you haven't experienced the Buteyko breathing method, but your curiosity is peaked, then I suggest you book a consultation with Teya, and she'll help you get started right away. Thanks bunches, Teya, for all your help, knowledge and tools you've provided me!

Eva La Roche
Marriage Celebrant

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.