By Shane Mac Donnchaidh

I initially learned the Buteyko Method many years ago due to the asthma that has plagued me since childhood, but over the years I had neglected my practice and my condition worsened as a result. When I signed up to take the course with the Advanced Buteyko Institute I was using my rescue inhaler up to a dozen times per day. I was in a bad way.

It is just over two months now since I had my first session with Drs. Eduard and it's two months since I last used my rescue inhaler. I have also reduced my long-acting inhaler by 33% and I am confident that in the coming months I will get off the long-acting inhaler completely too.

The app has also been an incredible tool for tracking my health as it gives me the constant feedback I needed to keep on track. The variety of sessions it offers means that you can easily adapt your practice to your changing needs.

I am now able to get through an intense session of Brazilian jiu jitsu without reaching for medication, something which I previously would not have dreamed would be possible - ever.

After 30+ years of being chained to an inhaler, I finally feel the freedom from dependency that had always seemed unattainable. There are few things in life that live up to their hype, but the Buteyko Method is undeniably one of those few things.

Shane Mac Donnchaidh
PGCE, MA Writer / Educator

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.