By Heidi Caruana

I met Teya on 11th October 2018. One of the very first things Teya noticed about me is that I hyperventilate when I speak.
Oh my goodness this brought me to tears as I knew I did but thought it was just kinda normal. Teya performed a breath hold test on me to see where I fit into the range of what is considered 'healthy'.
I was way below the healthy range. I certainly didn't realise just how important nose breathing is for our health and our thinking processes.
I have completed 30 days Advanced Buteyko programme with Teya and in only 4 short weeks I know how to relax, concentrate, and no more hyperventilating.
I believe I even sound better when I speak and it isn't any struggle what so ever. I have more energy and sleep even better than I have done in a long time. Advanced Buteyko taught me how to control my breathing and has even subsided the little anxiety I get from time to time.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who simply just doesn't know how to relax (which was me) and who is looking for optimum health.
Thank you Teya, you are a Godsend.
Heidi Caruana

Heidi Caruana
Business Owner

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