By Massiel Barros-Torning

Initially I was sent to do Buteyko by my dentist as starting point to improve anxiety and breathing causing neck and jaw tension. What has unfolded is so much more. I now have clarity and calmness I've never had before (and had no idea could happen) combined with a recipe for dealing with anxiety.

I never expected the other benefits that have taken place. For example, I've halved my medication dosage for asthma and reduced the frequency of needing to use my emergency puffer. This has a chain reaction because those medications had side effects. For example, one of my inhalers gives you the jitters and this then would make me a little anxious, and so forth a vicious circle would begin. Often this would affect my posture, neck tension and eventually ending up with headaches, or requiring massage and physiotherapy.

The last few months I've been learning to live with this new version of myself. A calmer, more at ease version that does not have asthma anywhere near as much. Of course this then has a direct affect to improve my fatigue and sleep apnoea. It's all changing slowly, waking up better rested and not simply recovering.

I'm still on breast cancer treatment, but this too has become easier to deal with because I can now focus on recovery and not have to worry that my asthma or apnoea is playing up. It's a significant relief to know that I'm making progress and slowly gaining back a better life than I had the last 5 years.

My lifestyle is academic, as a teacher and associate lecturer currently completing post-graduate studies in Education. It is amazing how different my brain is working, I can read and concentrate in a way I've never been able to do so before. It is why I'm driven to share this.

In my other life I'm a singer/musician with a band. I was struggling at times with nerves before performing. My voice would feel restricted and I could not relax enough. Now I'm a different performer, so much more in control and finally can enjoy my talents.

The fact that I can do this online, supported by mobile technology and connect from country NSW - Australia, to be connected with experts who can guide me is a wonderful opportunity. I feel safe, informed and encouraged. The changes are noticeable, I've had a very good outcome and I continue to work on this for that very reason.

When something works this well, you grab it with both hands and stick to it.

Massiel Barros-Torning

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.