By S. C.

I have been strength training for the past 12 years with some minor breaks. At some point I thought about instead of trying to lift heavier it could be more effective to get stronger by eliminating bottlenecks. After fixing lower back pain that plagued me since age 12/13 and improving shoulder health with the help of physiotherapist I thought about Asthma.

I've had astma for over 25 years, using inhalers. And having severe attacks when I was a child. It was the main thing that would hold me back in life. Along with allergies of course.

According to a log my mother kept when I were a baby I had my first asthma attack when I were but 19 months old. So I figured I wasn't born with astma, it developed over my first 19 months. Most likely due to allergy to milk.

So I went on the search, searching for a solution for my breathing issues. At some point I found Buteyko, and after watching the BBC documentary I was convinced it had to hold some kind of truth..

After searching the net for Buteyko exercises, there I found some basic exercises and would practice these for a few months using pen, paper and a stopwatch. It didn't take much time at all for my asthma symptoms to reduce to near-nothing and the next lung-function test I scored 99% !!

I haven't used an inhaler 1.5 years now, and no longer have to go to the hospital for a yearly check-up.

A few months ago when I had a severe cold I woke up nearly suffocating. After desperately trying to control my breathing for over half an hour it struck me. Astma wasn't gone at all, just there being dormant, and I had no meds whatsoever !

I picked up the Advanced Buteyko app 5 weeks ago, and after doing the first Breath Hold (18s) I realized I had lost all my progress. One week after trying the app I started the course, and on the 21st day my CP was 45s. My CP had been TRIPLED over the course of 3 weeks ! My first initial CP of 62s was accomplished 33 days after starting the course, and I enjoy all the benefits that came with it !

I do intend to go beyond 60s !

The benefits I have experienced:
* Astma gone, allergy to fur and feathers gone. So hopefully hay fever gone too ;)
* INCREDIBLE energy levels, unreal. It makes me feel superhuman, but actually it is JUST HUMAN !
* Sleep quality is huge. I wake up well-rested, sometimes 4 hours of sleep is sufficient ( 10 hour shift of manual labor + workouts, go figure )
Even after 10 hours of work I still have plenty of energy to do what I want
* Improved mood. No more mr. moody.
* More self-confidence, most likely due to the extra energy, it makes socializing more attractive.
* No more desire for coffee !
* Stool improved. It wasn't bad before but I think its even better now.
* I lost 1.5k body FAT (yes fat) without trying
* Used to be plagued with intense feeling of hunger every 2 hours. No more !
* I do not like to sit down at work anymore (I want to move, I like to move, don't make me sit please)
* My heart rate in rest has decreased from 75bpm to 62bpm when sitting. After a session it drops from 62bpm to 53 bpm. This was measured approximately 3 weeks after starting Buteyko
* I am very calm and relaxed
* Things that used to stress me, don't bother me that much anymore
Buteyko breathing isn't magic. It's concept is simple and it's science rings true. I'd say it's very natural.

Modern man and woman are weak. We lost touch with being human, as a part of nature a long time ago. And thus we introduce ourselves to all kinds of nasty chronic diseases, with our isolated life-styles. And we succumb to expensive treatments and medication that reduces these symptoms (like my inhaler).

- If you really want to take down the source of those symptoms
- If you want to improve life-quality with little effort, and for some even on very short notice
- If you could use all the extra energy you can get

Buteyko Breathing is a solid path to take in improving your symptoms, and improve your life's quality. So many before us did so. I have done so. Why wouldn't you?

All it requires is patience and dedication. Once you get to the really advanced exercises, then you can blend in exercise sessions any time of the day, under any circumstance. So it befits anyone's life-style.

At last I have to say. I have made many changes to my life-style over the years. Exercise, eating-habits, and all for the better. But none has given so much for so little than Buteyko. And I recommend it to anyone.

There are no words in existence to describe the effect of Buteyko Breathing, no matter how many people you would ask. Just try, and be blown away by its effect.

S. C.

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.