By Frank Michael

I have been following the app and it is 100% working.

So far it has been 14 days. 14 days in a row that I have not used my rescue inhaler, which I used to use 3-4 times per day for over 40 yrs. The longest I can remember ever going without my inhaler was for 2 days. This is incredible! I highly recommend that you follow the plan and put in the effort. This is not a magic pill. This takes commitment. Do the work and you will get the results.

UPDATE July 20th, 2018:
Hello Eduard, I just wanted to pass along a Big Thank you! tomorrow, July 20, 2018 will be one full year of not using my inhaler. I admit, there were a few times over this year where I was thinking, I need it, but through doing a couple of minutes of breath control, the need went away. I was using my inhaler 3-5 times per day for almost 40yrs. To think that something as simple as controlled breaths and taping at night made a world of difference.
Thank you again for your continued support and for sharing the Advanced Buteyko Breathing Method.
All the best,

Frank Michael

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