By Steve Burke

This is my story my name is Steve, 72 years old & living in Thailand. I had an accident and ended up going to the hospital with a broken femur. The month before that I had a bad cough and they could not find out the cause. It would almost go away but it would never really go away. In the hospital after my operation, I had an emphysema attack and couldn't breathe and they took me down to a breathing machine and I stayed in intensive care for a while. From that day on I carried an inhaler and use it anywhere between six and eight times a day. A month after my operation I was walking again, making sure that my inhaler was always with me. I envisioned my life riding around in an electric wheelchair with an oxygen tank behind me and a hose in my nose. That looked quite depressing. My wonderful wife found Buteyko online. I hesitated on the amount that it'll cost but I figured how much is breathing worth.

I paid the money and joined the Buteyko course. For the first eight days I made my own Buteyko version, I was not strict with my diet and everyday I did something that was against the Buteyko plan which is trying to get a very high number of my easy breath hold.

After speaking to Eduard my great coach he made some corrections, I followed his instructions and I'm proud to say today is 10 days that I have not used my inhaler. What more can anyone person say. So if you want some relief from your COPD problems try Buteyko it works for me amazingly.

Steve Burke

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