By Al Ciampa

As a health educator, I teach and mentor individuals through various lifestyle changes and behavior modifcations. I personally practice good health, regularly engaging in physical exercise, meditation, practicing proper nutrition, etc. Still, something was missing from my health practice: I didn't sleep well, and I had high-anxiety that boiled over to panic every so often. I simply did not feel "right".

I was introduced to Buteyko breathing in late 2015, but, wasn't ready to hear the message. Over a year later, I had a case of allergies that allowed an infection to take hold. After a night of constant coughing, I noticed that I was ventilating very rapidly, and had an unusually high heart rate. I checked my controlled pause and found that it was below 10 seconds. I decided to dive into Buteyko breathing and haven't looked back since.

I was half expecting this method to improve my ventilation, but certainly did not expect the seemingly unrelated changes to my health. Yes, my ventilation rate dropped as I practiced, but also my anxiety disappeared. I've since placed myself in scenarios that used to trigger a panic attack, such as public speaking, and I now barely get aroused.

My disposition is so calm and even-keeled that my wife noticed the change before I did. I had never felt so relaxed before. Both the quality and length of my sleep improved to the point that I always wake up feeling rested now, a feeling that has eluded me for over a decade. My easy run pace dropped from about 12 min/mile to 10:30 min/mile, and my recovery is far better. My already low heart rate dropped even lower. I have less craving for food in general, but especially unhealthy options. I use less coffee and alcohol, and feel invigorated all day long. My production and motivation level for life has increased. As a human machine, I function far better than I can ever remember. I cannot emphasize enough my recommendation for Buteyko breathing. The practice is initially time-intensive, but if you also practice patience and diligence, you will soon reap the health improvements of this simple, cost-free and effective intervention.

Al Ciampa
Health Educator

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.