By Elisabet Eriksson

I totally love my Advanced Buteyko Institute app and the program. I use it for my iPhone 6. I have been training different forms of Buteyko breath work for years. I have still never succeeded as well as I have already using the Advanced Buteyko app.

I had seen myself as a bit of a hopeless case after having previously trained unsuccessfully by several wonderful and world class teachers for long periods of time. However, my symptoms nor breathing graphs never improved despite me spending hours per day working the training program extremely hard. The time when I found some major improvements in some symptoms I was getting so sick from the detox symptoms that my overall health state actually deteriorated dramatically. Perhaps I was training too hard, or perhaps it was due to a strict no carb diet I was following at the same time. In fact, my then Buteyko teacher repeatedly recommended that I get off the no carb diet, but I was convinced it was the only road to health. So, this also did probably sabotage my progress. After about three years I more or less gave up training and would simply accept life with a morning CP of 12 seconds.

However, I got back to eating carbs again, my health got worse but I stuck to eating carbs. I always knew I needed to address my hyperventilation, especially as I finally developed asthma on top of my many other health problems. The thought of looking for an app suddenly struck me and this app was one of the first to show up. I downloaded and began using the app about two months ago and loved it immediately. It was such a relief to not need to use a timer and to not have to write down each number after each breath hold session. On top of it, I am absolutely in love with the graph. It looks so pretty and it is so inspiring to see it go up over time. It also teaches me to be patient and to see my personal pattern. For me, I tend to go up and down quite drastically in between sessions, but the overall arch is still upward. I often feel that my progress is so very slow and unstable, but knowing that an improvement in symptoms count just as much as seeing the numbers go up, has been really reassuring for me. I didn't understand this until I read it in the app. I also really like the voice of the narrator. It is calm, but still energetic, and easy to follow.

Although my progress in actual numbers has been modest so far since starting with the Advanced Buteyko app 2 months ago, my progress in symptom reduction has been quite dramatic. I have suffered from many disabling health problems most of my life and I have never really found anything that helped reduce my suffering before, except for physical therapy which helped reduce my pain from endometriosis. However, within just a few days of using the app, I noted the following symptom reductions:

-Significantly Less depression.
-Way less heart murmur sound. Now I can sometimes hear my heart beating NORMALLY, without heart murmur for the first time in years. My heart murmur is benign but started suddenly about 10 years ago (when I started my no carb diet).
-Less swollen face in the mornings.
-Less upper back pain.
-Better quality sleep. Am able to fall asleep faster.

The daily reminders are also very helpful because I tend to forget to do my breathing sessions so then when I pick up my phone I can't get away with being forgetful or lazy! hahaha!.

Also, I noticed when traveling last weekend that it's a lot less embarrassing to sit on a train or a cafe and holding my nose doing my sessions when clearly other people could see that I'm using some kind of app on my phone. So then I can give the added reassurance to the public that in fact I'm not crazy, but I'm in the process of doing "something that is related to an app". Hahahaha!.

Another thing, perhaps the most important thing about this program is that using the App, I don't need to dedicate my entire life to Buteyko breath work. It seems to just seamlessly fit into my modern day life with travels and busy schedules. The app also makes it significantly less boring to do the work and helps me look forward to doing my training sessions.

I can't thank the Advanced Buteyko Institute enough for creating this app! It's a life saver for me!!!

Wish me luck! My goal is to reach a 60 second Control Pause!!! I am more convinced than ever before that I will be able to reach that goal using the App!!! The app may be able to do what no other teacher could do for me. But I would still recommend personal training in addition! But the app is a good start.

Also, it helps to push me forward, knowing that my sessions may be seen by the instructors at any point. I don't want them to think I am not a good student, so this adds an additional motivation for me to be a good girl and hold my breath!!!!

Lisa :)

Elisabet Eriksson
Marketing Coordinator

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.