Programs Overview

A quick overview of our learning programs.

Initial Consultation

You may book an Initial Consultation (39 USD) with a senior instructor before starting any program. You may ask your questions and we'll give you the information you need.


Our webinar programs are composed of a series of live group webinar meetings of 45 to 60 minutes, where we progressively go over the various Buteyko exercise levels. The meetings are led by a Buteyko Instructor. We offer the Initial Webinar Program (75 USD) to start off with and the Webinar Upgrade (189 USD) for ongoing support and to learn stronger and more varied styles and modes of practice.


Our workshops may be on location (with instructor in person) or online (with instructor on live video). The workshop starts off with a long workshop (2.5 to 3 hours) for the first meeting. Subsequent meetings are usually shorter (45 to 60 minutes) but may be longer if done on location. We offer an Intro Workshop (129 USD) to learn the beginner exercises and a Workshop Upgrade (249 USD) to learn the more advanced, stronger and more varied exercises with continued support.

Individual Training

Individual Training takes place via private 1-on-1 teaching sessions with a Buteyko instructor, on location or via video call. We offer an Intro Course (179 USD), Complete Course (479 USD) and Premium Course (649 USD) with options to upgrade from the Intro Course to the Complete or Premium Course. The teaching sessions are 30 mins each but may be up to 60 mins in the Premium Course (by joining 2 regular sessions). The Premium Course is our top level program in terms of level of instruction, coaching and support.

Additional Programs

After finishing a complete webinar, workshop or individual training program, you may continue at any time with Follow-up Sessions or with the Repeat Program (49 or 149 USD) or the Intensive Program (229 USD).

Instructor Training

With our Instructor Training Program (949 USD), we will train you to become a certified Buteyko instructor so you may teach Buteyko Breathing to your clients, family and friends. You will receive study materials and have 1-on-1 training sessions with a senior instructor, in person or via video calls. We offer a combination discount when signing up for both the Instructor Training Program and the Complete Course simultaneously. Upon request, we also teach small local groups (maximum group size of 4 with up to 30% discount).